Heartland 10-10 Ranch offers sportsman’s getaways tailored to each individual guest. From experienced hunters and anglers, to beginners, we’ve carefully managed out1600-acre private game preserve to offer an unforgettable experience for people from all walks of life. For reservations and pricing call us and we’ll put together a stay that will exceed your expectations.

Trophy whitetail
buck hunt

You’ll go out in a small group of two to three hunters, with each group member accompanied by a personal guide. Heartland 10-10 Ranch features an opportunity to see Whitetail buck that measure at least 140 up to 200 inches on the Boone and Crockett scale.

TROPHy Bass fishing

During our fishing experience, up to eight anglers will enjoy exclusive catch-and-release fishing on one of four lakes that measure up to 40 acres. We stock each lake and manage its population to the extent that you have the opportunity to reel in a trophy 10 pound Bass on any given day. Or you can have a high yield day with a load of 20-45 or more 3 to 7 pound Bass

HEARTLAND 10-10 Ranch features